Jonathan & Jennifer - Wedding in Cedar Park, TX by Loa Photography

What a beautiful day it was! On April 28, 2018 Jonathan and Jennifer were wed in holy matrimony.  This was a beautiful wedding, one where commitment means something.

When Jennifer arrived she was relaxed and ready for her day....she looked great too - she has dropped some serious weight since the last time I saw her! Her family and friends were there to help organize and decorate - it was obvious to me that these people love her. 

I thought it was wonderful (and very touching) that they had prayer just before she was going to walk down the beautiful is that?! 

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Jonathan was also preparing for his bride, waiting to watch her walk down the isle to him...

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The ceremony was lovely, I feel so privileged to play a small part in something so meaningful. 

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After the ceremony and reception they chose a "bubble" exit with all of their friends and family present to wish them farewell.... 

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You can take a look at the video below to watch the entire day unfold.

Jonathan and Jennifer I wish you the very best and a bright future in Florida!

Thanks for allowing me to capture your special day! 


I would also like to thank Stephen and Kyla for their help... I couldn't have done it without you!

Chris & Emily - Engagement session in round rock, tx by loa photography

Chris and Emily met on Emily's 13th birthday while in eighth grade at Chisholm Trail Middle School. Emily says that the day she met him her science teacher announced to the class that it was her birthday. This was at the beginning of the school year. After class Chris came up and said "Hey, happy birthday - congratulations, you're one day closer to dying!" Then he picked up a penny from the floor and said "I got you something".  So..... obviously he had some pretty amazing pick up lines! But hey, they worked! She was "in love" with him, and they began dating. They dated during all of eighth grade until she broke up with him at the end of the school year. She told him that her mom wouldn't allow her to have a boyfriend over the summer.

Did I mention that Chris is tall? And Emily is well, not he's 6' 6" and she's 5' 1"?!!! 

They are such a cute couple! Well...perhaps I shouldn't say "cute", I don't think Chris would appreciate being called cute. So, let's see - they are a sweet couple...but then, hmmmm...sweet probably isn't a word he wants to have attached to him either. So, we will just say that it's obvious that they love each other! :D

So, what happened during high school and how did they get back together? Well, I'm glad you asked! They reconnected during high school and they were "on again - off again". They kept dating, breaking up, then getting back together again... At this point Emily's parents stepped in and said - you're too young for this type of relationship - you need to break it off. And so they did...they dated other people during their junior year, but still talked to each other - a little on the sly you could say. But then Emily felt guilty about doing even this behind her parents back, so they broke it off again. They didn't talk much at all during senior year.  They graduated high school in 2010. On August 10, 2012 she sent him a Facebook friend request. And on August 11, 2012 they went on their "first" date. In August of 2017 Chris proposed on the football field at the middle school where they met. And now they are getting married on August 11, 2018 - the anniversary of their first "real" date as adults. Chris was Emily's first boyfriend and he was also her first kiss. And soon she will receive her first kiss from him as her husband!



Jonathan & Jennifer - Engagement Session in Austin, tx by Loa Photography

Jonathan & Jennifer will be tying the knot on 04/28/18! 

They met on Christian Mingle in January of 2016.  Jonathan was living in Florida, but was originally from Cedar Park and Jennifer lived in Leander.  He contacted her first, and a few weeks later she asked if they could talk on the phone. According to Jennifer "Five seconds into the conversation I was very impressed".  They didn't really chat online much, but they talked on the phone and used skype a few weeks later.  They had "hot chocolate dates" on the phone.  Jonathan drove to Texas to meet her in person three weeks after they had talked on the phone. 81.JPG

They went to Roaring Forks and then Cheesecake Factory for their first date. They were also celebrating his birthday. Jennifer's first thought when she saw him was "he's tall..." he also talked about his kids a lot, which she loved. She loves the sound of his voice and the way that he dresses nice no matter what the occasion.  

She could see that he yearned to know the Bible more. They did a Bible study over the phone as another creative way to hang out with each other.  After Jonathan visited the first time he continued to come see Jenifer about once a month. 50.JPG

When Jennifer was asked when she knew that he was "the one" she replied:

"It wasn't a certain moment but when he kept accepting me for me. I could be myself with him faults and all and he loved me for me. His desire to be closer to God and know the Bible more makes him attractive."

 Jonathan proposed on July 9 2017 at Ponce de Leon lighthouse. At night, with a full moon just outside of Daytona Beach. He took her to the top of a lighthouse where there was a private area. 69.JPG

I am looking forward to their wedding day! What a blessing it will be to watch these two be joined together in matrimony.

Congratulations to Jonathan and Jennifer! I wish you joy, peace, love and happiness in your future together.

Isaac the Overcomer! - Senior Portrait session in Austin, TX by Loa Photography

Isaac has faced many obstacles in his life, and so far - he has overcome!





Isaac was born in Dallas, Texas in 1999. He is the youngest of four children. He moved to San Antonio at the age of two when his parents divorced. His mom struggled for many years to make ends meet with four children. He grew up quickly and was familiar with "street life" from an early age. When he was 11 years old he and his family moved to the Austin area. They moved in with his aunt and uncle. 




They all lived together for a few years and things were getting better for them. They had started attending church on a regular basis and the whole family became involved. But when Isaac was 13 years old his mom decided to move back to the Dallas area. This was not something that Isaac or his siblings wanted to do. So, his mom decided to go without them. This was very hard for all of them, but especially for Isaac because he was the youngest. One by one his three older siblings decided to go to the Dallas area also. Eventually it was just Isaac living with his aunt, uncle and cousins. He missed his family terribly, but he decided that he wanted to continue going to church and to live a better life. It took him a while to get over missing them and even today it still saddens him to some degree. But he knows that he made the right decision. He has a close relationship with God and a church family as well as his aunt and uncle who have supported him all along the way.


His friends describe him as unique, smart and funny.

Isaac, I am so happy for you! You did make the right decision and it is a great accomplishment that you are graduating from Leander high school and have goals for your future! Congratulations!!! 

A story of two seniors, two friends - Senior pictures in Austin, TX by Loa Photography

Josh and Isaac - Seniors 2017!

Josh and Isaac have been friends for about five years, they are both graduating from high school this year, and both wanted to have senior photos taken. I suggested that we do them at the same time. We had a great time! We went downtown and Oshlianna (my second shooter) and I clicked away while they made each other laugh. 



Josh is seventeen and was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1999.  He is second oldest of seven (yes SEVEN!) children. He is fun to be around and loves to laugh and sing. He's very out-going, he never meets a stranger, he's charming and he's kind.

 His family moved to Texas in 2005 and he met Isaac in 2012. He has been home schooled for most of his life and he is his mom describes him as "smart - an "A" student".


He hopes to be an architect and enjoys drawing, he has taught himself to play the piano and currently wants to learn guitar - he also has an amazing singing voice. I hope that he continues to pursue his dreams and I wish him the best! Congratulations Josh!!! 

Brandon & Lynnette

A couple in love thanks to their faith in God. 

Brandon and Lynnette met when she was only 18 and he was 21 . It was obvious from the start that there was an attraction there, but neither had any idea where this would lead them.

A tragedy was ultimately what brought them together. Brandon had been in a terrible accident with in April of 2003, while a few months later Lynnette was also involved in a tragic accident.

Not many people could truly understand the pain they were experiencing, but they understood one another. Brandon was able to comfort Lynnette in a way that no one else could. They married three months later and soon had two beautiful daughters, Destiny and Genesis.

Marriage at any age takes a lot of work, but being in your early twenties with two small children -  is almost impossible. Suffice it to say that they definitely had their share of struggles. When their daughters were ages five and six, they had separated and their marriage was almost over.  They decided to give their marriage one last try. Brandon started visiting churches because he knew that they needed and wanted a fresh start. A couple they were friends with invited them to church. Brandon visited the church alone for the first time, and then brought the girls to the next service. By the third visit, Lynnette had joined them. They found that this it was exactly what they were searching for.  That was five years ago and God has completely healed their marriage, they are more in love with one another and with Him than ever before.